Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Hack 8 Ball Pool On Facebook

This hack need Cheat Engine ! This hack very simple if you know cheat engine. i'm using cheat engine 6.1

First search or open process ( Mozila : plugin-container.exe or Google Chrome : chrome.exe ) Searh the right process ! Klik icon computer !

Process List
Next step change the value scan From 4 Bytes To Array Of Bytes

Value Type

Next step replace 24 0A 2A D2 A2 A0 A2 A0 24 0A A1 it to Hex coloumn and than Klik First Scan

Process scan

You will find addresss if you in the right process... if you can't find process, klik find procces again for diffrent process

And than clik value with double click... change the value A1 to A2... Than clik ok... and klik freeze like in number 3

The last step... Playing now your 8 ball pool///

Enjoyyy :)

If you don't have Cheat Engine... You can download at : http://adf.ly/LF9Gf

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